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a generic game engine

Cozy is a generic, 2d game engine currently in development. It is intended as a way to quickly and sanely build 2d games on top of client-side web technology. This definitely includes, but is not necessarily limited to, games in a style similar to the 16-bit era of gaming.


Examples of Cozy in action are pretty sparse right now. As more are created, I'll add them here.


Development is ongoing, but I have not been posting publically about it. It's not a secret or anything! I just don't want to distract myself too much from the process of building things. I am driving development by creating games (see above) rather than focusing on the engine as its own project.

More Info

Cozy isn't released yet. Frankly, it may never be released; its primary purpose is as a vehicle for games that I, personally, want to build. I am always happy to help other people along though, and so if I find out there's enough interest, it might be worth it to get it polished up for a release! Any eventual release would be under a permissive open source license; I lean toward MIT these days.

If you're interested in hearing about any future developments, then please enter your email address below.

Just to be clear, I will never sell or give your email to anyone else or use it for any purpose other than letting you know something is happening with the engine.

If you don't want to submit your emaill address, but you have a question anyway, you can email It may take me a bit to get back to you, but I won't mind!

Shamus Peveril is the one to blame for all of this mess