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a generic game engine

Cozy is a generic, 2d game engine currently in development. It is intended as a way to quickly and sanely build 2d games on top of client-side web technology. This definitely includes, but is not necessarily limited to, games in a style similar to the 16-bit era of gaming.


Examples of Cozy in action are pretty sparse right now. As more are created, I'll add them here.


You can get the current, bleeding-edge (and maybe broken) version of Cozy from the github repository:

Development is ongoing, and is now public. Please consider Cozy to still be in a pre-release state though — there is no nice bundled binary to download and get to work with. I am still working on that, but trying to balance engine development with other work.

Talk With Us

I've started a Discord server for Cozy discussion. I'll try to be at least a little active there, and announce updates and such. If you'd like to chat with me, or anyone else who happens to join, please come join us!

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